Well the first of hopefully many interviews for Interview 2009 is up and posted. Go over and see if Chris of Formerly Fun can get the personal goods from tight-lipped Aussie music blogger Agnes of It All Started With Carbon Monoxide. A tip Chris, water boarding works well according to our erstwhile vice-president.

I wanted to reiterate the invitation and try to iterate my thoughts on this one. Last year, Neil of Citizen of the Month started something that he called the Great Interview Experiment. It was a blast and a great way to find new bloggers as well as new readers. Well, as anyone who has seen a movie lately can tell you, there’s no such thing as a new idea and I enjoyed Neil’s experiment so much that I thought it would be fun to try it again.

So, how it works: leave a comment on this post if you’re interested in playing the dual role of interviewer and interviewee. I’ll hook you up, pretty much at random, with someone who will write questions for you and someone for whom you will write questions. Then the interviewee will post that finished product and I’ll link to it from here. Easy peasy and, as I can attest personally, a lot of fun. You get to find some new people on the internets, get to sharpen your interrogation skills, maybe get some new readers and get to feel like a celebrity for a few minutes. What more can you ask from life?

So, let’s get interviewing, folks.

*I hate to exclude non-bloggers, it’s a bit reminiscent of my days as a frat boy, but it’s a difficult one to manage. How about this – if any of my civilian readers would like to participate as an interviewer, leave a comment and I think we can work that out.

**In the unfortunate event that someone doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain let me know (chris at afreeman dot org) and we’ll send Cheney over, he’s got time on his hands. But if that doesn’t work we’ll find you another partner.


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The interviews are beginning to roll in:

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