Quick, for five points, name that film.

If you knew the answer from the title of this post, then I’ll bet you know what kind of week I’ve had.

Because I know people who have lost their jobs because of things they’ve said on their blogs, I’m going to leave out the specifics. That may be a post for Courtney’s side-project. Suffice it to say that by yesterday evening I was pretty sure that this week was going to end either with me being sacked, quitting or beating the shit out of a printer. There are still a couple of hours to go, but it looks our office supplies may make it through the day intact.

This whole two job thing was never meant to be a permanent situation. It was a stop-gap measure while Dr. O’C found a job of her own. One of them was temporary but got extended for a year, the second was part-time but got extended to basically full-time. So we’re essentially a three income family, which is handy for the household bills. Sometimes it gets a bit much, but for the most part it’s manageable.

Not this week. Again, I don’t want to be specific. Basically, I got embroiled in a controversy in which I felt that the intent of one of my superiors was to make me a scapegoat. The projects that we undertake are team efforts, but there is a culture of blame at this particular unnamed organization. I’ve seen it happen to others in the past and, in the back of my mind, knew that my turn was coming around.

It came to a head late yesterday with a particularly accusatory e-mail from one of my managers and I came home from work equal parts enraged and despondent. I spent most of the evening going over things in my head and I made the decision to stand up for myself. I have two jobs. If I lose one, we’re still going to be OK. I’d rather have my self-respect.

So, this morning I e-mailed the head of the organization and my managers and I used all my writing skills in my defense. I told them exactly what I thought – without any bad words of course.

It was incredibly liberating. I spent the first part of the morning dreaming of the increased leisure time that was going to come with having just one job.

And I got apologies.

Fucking A.

And there will be a staff meeting this afternoon at 3 to discuss improvements that can be made to project efficiency and accuracy.

Wait, what? Friday afternoon?

And I still have two jobs.

I guess maybe I’m a bit too persuasive for my own good.


We’re moving house this weekend and will be without home internet for an indeterminate length of time. But we’re moving to what is as close to a dream house that I’ve found thus far, so you won’t hear any complaints from me – particularly without the internet. But it may be quiet around these parts for a little while. Don’t worry. I’ll be back like cooked crack before you know it. Until then, enjoy what has been my moment of zen for the day:


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