bored and rainyLast weekend was ruined because of a self-induced work backlog that kept me in front of the computer for most of Saturday and Sunday. This weekend was nearly ruined due to some virus that Dr. O’C brought home from work. But with ample and appropriate combinations of various pharmaceuticals, I managed to stay upright for a good part of the weekend. No matter how good the drugs, however, they don’t change the weather. The Antipodean winter is dragging as we move into the middle of August. I know that drought ridden South Australia needs the rain and all, but I didn’t move down here for months of gloom.

Still and all, we managed to salvage some fun.

We slayed another redback in the letterbox – using appropriate tools and safety gear, of course.


We walked the dog in the dry spells. Yes, that is my front lawn but I mowed it, I promise.


And baked cookies in the rainy spells.


I think Boy Z is yearning for summer too as he insisted on wearing his board shorts today. Compromises were made.

dressing himself

I’m not going to comment on who’s responsible for this ensemble, but I will point out – that’s not me he’s walking up the stairs with. Speaking of whom – 37 weeks and counting…

37 weeks

…which means there is a 3.6% chance that we’ll end up down the road in the labour ward by day’s end.

And that’s a weekend.

Today was good.
Today was fun.
Tomorrow is another one.
From there to here.
From here to there.
Funny things are everywhere.

Ah, the simple genius of Dr. Seuss…

In the mind of kids books, we saw the preview for “Where the Wild Things Are” a couple of weeks ago before the latest Harry Potter. I have no idea how they’re going to make Maurice Sendak’s wonderful little story book into a feature film, but I was totally sucked in by the Arcade Fire musical accompaniment. I managed to dig up the “Where The Wild Things Are” version of Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up”. Just in case I’m not the only Arcade Fire/Maurice Sendak fan around.

I’m pretty sure I am the aging hipster Dad demographic to which this film is being targeted.


And finally, speaking of music, I’ve got an extra copy of Scottish popsters Cancel the Astronauts’ debut EP “I Am the President of Your Fanclub (and Last Night I Followed You Home)” to give away. Free. It’s a great disc, one that’s been getting a lot of play around these parts of late (have a listen to one of the tracks here if you’re picky about the music you win). If you want a chance to win, just leave a comment on this post. I’ll pick a random commentator sometime in the week.


The winner of the Cancel the Astronauts EP as selected by is….

Cat of My Name is Cat! Congratulations

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