JPZFVIHOKSUOFUD.20080921024439If you listen to the pundits, the Georgia Bulldogs may have a bit of a rest this week as they play host to the Arizona State Sun Devils in Athens. Nobody seems inclined to give the Devils much respect and I’m willing to defer to the experts. I hope they’re right, because I’m not sure my heart will stand up to another shoot out.

I’ve been struggling with these pre-game posts this season. I’m no football expert, so can’t offer a thoughtful preview of the game itself.  I’m a bit too far away from Athens to be the Man on the Street blogger, describing the pulse of the campus. But I do like to think myself practised in the art of persuasion. Or is it deception? Either way, my mission from here on out is to convince you, the neutral reader, to root for the right team – the Dawgs.

Now if you’re a fan of any SEC team, there is no convincing to be done. Simply by being a fan of the SEC, you are subject to the gentleman’s (gentleperson’s) agreement that demands that you cheer for any other SEC team when that team is facing a non-conference opponent.* So, on behalf of the Georgia Bulldogs, I accept your support against the PAC10 Devils with thanks.

But if you’re a fan of a non-SEC team, or not a fan of the game at all, why put your support behind the Dawgs when they square off with Arizona State this Saturday evening? Well how about this (hat tip to Hey Jenny Slater):

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If you’re a Republican? Well, I can’t help you.

OK, OK, in the spirit of bipartisanship, how about this. How can you help but root for these guys’ team?


Go Dawgs! GATA!


* There is, of course, one exception – the Florida Gators. They are pure evil and deserving of nothing but scorn and loathing.


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