‘Cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see

I was feeding Not Max his dinner last night listening to some music, as you do, when the inimitable opening chords of “Free Bird” came on the iPod stereo. “Free Bird” is currently on my iPod because I’ve been watching the outstanding, if slightly raunchy, ‘Californication‘ lately on my commute to work. The song plays a pretty pivotal role in one of the episodes in the second season and since then I’ve had a hankering for some Skynyrd.

But when it came on last night I was reaching to skip the track, thinking that Not Max would probably not consider it the best dining music. But as Gary Rossington’s slide guitar chimed in with Roosevelt Gook’s mellotron, Not Max looked up, cocked his head, smiled and started beating on the table in apparent ecstasy.

I said to Not Max, “Really, Not Max? ‘Free Bird‘? Why?”

To which Not Max replied with more vigorous table smacking. And the longer that very long song went on, the more fervent the table beating became.

“Well, Not Max”, I said, “I guess we’ll turn it up.”

And really, the better question is: Why not ‘Free Bird’?

Fly on, Not Max.