Articles for the Month of July 2010

The more we move ahead the more we’re stuck in rewind

I think I have to stop fooling myself. At some point every day I decide that I’m going to take some time and, damn it, blog. But it just doesn’t happen. I’ve spent three days planning to write this little snippet of a post. Life is full. And priorities change. And time is spent, better or not, in other endeavours.

But this space nags at me like a sore tooth. I feel obliged to update, obliged to put myself out there. But I want to be somewhere else.

So this post is punctuation. An official recognition of a pause. But more a semicolon than a period. I’m not saying goodbye, just see you later. A little holiday in the real world.

“Well that is that and this is this.”

She wore red dresses and left the wounded behind

I don’t really have time to write – it’s exam marking time – but I can’t stand seeing that beanie wearing, budgie smuggling, buffoon every time I open Safari anymore. So here’s a photo of Boy Z putting the moves on a cute blonde at a wedding we went to last night.

Because nothing brings that paternal pride cascading to the surface like watching one of your sons successfully executing the lady killing skills that you’ve been so carefully teaching him.

Don’t wait up, Dad.