Must Reads!

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Friends (”real” and cyber)

  • Confessions of a Coalminer’s Granddaughter from a cabin on a hill in the Atlanta suburbs…
  • Flutter – dark and divine
  • Formerly Fun – tales of smooth crotches from Southern California
  • Here in Franklin – not bad for a Vol.
  • Jakezilla – Philly Mom trying to stay sane.
  • Just Jessie and all her boys…
  • Light. Sweet. Crude. In cyberspace everyone can hear you yelling at your kids.
  • Literally Speaking– perusing the joys of drivel
  • Malfeasance – tales of an evil-doer.
  • Muskrat – Lawyering in Hotlanta.
  • – my blogging muse.
  • Foma – harmless untruths
  • Not Afraid To Use It – likes to say “fuck”, a lot.
  • Okay, Fine, Dammit! – Wisconsin wit.
  • Passionate Chaos – always up for a debate.
  • Post Picket Fence – what happens after Suburbia happens to a girl who thought it would never happen to her.
  • Prefers Her Fantasy Life – she used to care, but now she takes a pill for that.
  • Slapdashittery – Ryan, sharpasswittery.
  • Strange, Dark Gypsy Girl- no one knows her, no one will.
  • Sunset Over Slawit – words, words, words.
  • Tapdancing on the Edge of Reason – a survivor of the ME generation.
  • The Bauer Confidential – the life and times of Matthew & April.
  • The Cusp – Dispatches from an occasionally nude commie in Misery
  • The Ghost of a Smile – Roman in the kitchen told me true love it waits, but of all the rules he lives by that’s the one that he hates.
  • The Prettiest Denny’s Waitress – All the writing chops of Malfeasance, now with 50% less evil.
  • Twipply Skwood – her plan for her one wild and precious life.

Dr. O’C’s Favourites

  • Ask And Ye Shall Receive – get your site reviewed here.
  • The NY Times – the gray lady online.
  • Strange Scottish Girl- about sums in up.
  • Secrets I Can’t Keep – sssshhhh!
  • TMZ – the best in celebritty goss.

Fellow Expatriates

  • 2 Crabs – a wanderlust American couple.
    A View from England – Minnesota to Britain.
  • Aussie Erin the American -does what it says on the tin.
  • Blues of a Waxwing– Assimilating culture while kicking and screaming.
  • Deutschland uber Elvis – Where is he gay today?
  • Florida Girl in Sydney – A fellow Floridian Down Under.
  • Lucid In Deutschland – Another fellow Floridian abroad.
  • No Place Like It – Canadian artist in Paris.
  • Noble Savage – In civilized Britain.
  • Sticky Apple Kisses – Canadian biker chick in Europe.
  • Suzer’s Expat Adventures – More Yanks Down Under.
  • The Cheese Stands Alone – Georgia peach in London.
  • What Do I Know? – More than me.

Music Bloggers

  • Aquarium Drunkard – a little Wilco?
  • Champignons for my real friends – SA music.
  • Circles of Concrete – drawing circles.
  • Cover Lay Down – great writing, great music.
  • Gimme Tinnitus – deafening.
  • Houston Ramblings – Music, Texas, etc.
  • It All Started With Carbon Monoxide – Aussie teacher talks music.
  • Lonesome Music – Keeping you melancholy all day.
  • Lost In Your Inbox – superb taste.
  • Muzzle of Bees – a little more Wilco?
  • My Old Kentucky Blog – the Colonel talks music.
  • Rambling Canuck – music from a transplanted Canadian.
  • Song by Toad – better than insufferable little twat.
  • Ubertrigger – Less is more.


  • Blogaway – flighty photos and more.
  • Stuck in Customs – stuck but stunning.
  • The Right Blue – Bobbie underwater.

Politics, Science & Sports

  • 10,000 Monkeys & a Camera – Politics from the Smokies.
  • A Bulldog in Exile – A Georgia Bulldog in King Corn’s Court
  • Biomed Central – Open Access Science.
  • Catfish and Cornbread – On Earth As It Is In Georgia.
  • Dawgbone – Georgia Bulldogs news.
  • The Dawgcast – The best sports podcast in the USA.
  • Eye On DNA – keeping a watch on the code.
  • The Great Beyond – Nature’s science round-up.
  • Hire Joe Girardi – Yankee fan, libertarian, but surprisingly sane nonetheless.
  • Panda’s Thumb – All evolution, all the time.
  • The Greenists – Go green with the greenists.
  • The Poor Mouth – miscellany from the British Isles.

Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Beyond the Pale – adrift in the mainstream.
  • Busy Dad Mumbles – from Middle America to your monitor.
  • Nitro Vista – madness from near Madison.
  • People In The Sun – confused, with Pit bulls.
  • The Cheek of God – He definitely inhaled
  • The Unbearable Banishment – A daddy exiled in Joisey
  • Irrational Dad – Joe’s your daddy.
  • Xbox4NappyRash – on a collision course with papa-hood.

Trudging the road of happy destiny…

  • The Cusp – Mongolian girl in Missouri

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!

  • Gimcrack Hospital – Where the nurses are pretty and the doctors are pissed
  • Now where did I put my flaming sword? – Neighbor, friend and parenting muse
  • Straight Girl in a Gay, Gay World – the life and times of a whitebread gal in the land of the cupcakes

Writers who make my heart ache

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